The Way Papa God Loves Me

I cannot hide from you, O Lord. Your love is so large and too grand to contain, to comprehend.

And yet,it is that love that captivates my soul and brings me to tears. It is that love that changes me.

Lord, you are willing to talk to me, personally. “Let’s talk,” you’d say. “Let’s work things out, my precious daughter,” you’d tell me.

You are a fair Papa with no favorites. I know you are just and I can trust you with my life. You do not leave me wandering in the dark, lost and confused. You counsel me along the way. You comfort me when the heart is bleeding. Wounds that time won’t heal.

You deal with me personally. You are not a generic God. A one-size- fits-all-kinda-problem-solver.

You get right to the heart of the matter. You are brutally honest, your word cuts me down but brings me to life, a better life. Hanging out with you makes me more like you, the ultimate role model!

Thank you sweet Papa God for your everlasting and unfailing love. 

God’s Love is Beautiful

Love births change.

With love, we flourish, we strive, we live, we finally start living.

The love God has for us is complete and perfect.

Our worth doesn’t come from our size, body type or the people we know.

Our worth isn’t defined by our occupation or our achievements or failures.

Our worth doesn’t come from a man or a woman but from God alone.

We don’t have to do anything to win his love, it’s already freely given.

God is truly in love with us, obsessed with us. He is always concerned about every tiny aspect of our lives.

Just like a loving parent that knows everything about their children, so does our heavenly father know us.

It is embracing the intimacy of his love that we learn that it’s alright to trust him. That his love goes beyond this life and beyond us and extended to every other person.

It is in this love that we change, find hope and peace. God made each of us unique with different talents and skills. Use it to give him glory and help one another. Shine bright in the uniqueness that God has created you, for in that lies your true beauty.

A beautiful person is one who fears the Lord.

I challenge everyone, including myself to find the beauty in God’s love. It is in his love that we find security and true peace. It is in his love that we find the power and grace to live for him and sharing the gospel through our words and actions.

The Beauty of Death

There is nothing in my head,

Nothing at all.

Empty, dead, what is there to find?

No matter how you try to look at it , everything died along with it.

Can’t cry, don’t need to cry anymore because one must accept that where there is a beginning, there is finally an end.

A beautiful end, a happily ever after.

The funny thing is, God can always rewrite your story. Cuz you see, we had a script we wanted to play but God’s vision for us is the masterpiece. 

So, I’m allowing my mind to die today. The beauty of death is the life in it, a life no one can take away.

Personal Responsiblity Vs Victim Mentality

I was just thinking about the recent success of Asian: Japanese and Korean media within the last couple of years. I must also include West African media as well. The key to their success is believing that they have something wonderful to offer. They portray themselves (for the most part) in a way that makes others view them as desirable. I have something that you might want to check out, is what they are subconsciously telling you. African music, fashion and movies are on the rise. Asian music, dramas and fashion are also on the rise. Out of their own mouths they have something positive to say about themselves and they wear their brand well.

So what can we learn from this? Believe with your whole heart, whatever your brand may be, that is has something to offer. It has to resonate with your heart and it must be something you’re willing to invest your time into.

Before this, I’d look at other non-white media, mainly African-American and shake my head. Most of their shows were always portrayed in a negative light. Who knows what sort of people were running things behind the scenes but even to this day, many African- American producers would cast all white actors, or majority white characters, portray their own race of people as inferior, uneducated, or brutish and wonder why these stereotypes exist today. I remember growing up in the 90s and even in early 2000s, where Asians and Africans were not looked upon as anything good, or having anything good to offer. They were obscure, in the shadows. Instead of coming out with a victim mentality, or a self hating persona, they simply express their culture with an innate sense of pride.

We are responsible , for the most part, for how others see us and treat us. Sure, some people will always have something negative to say, but what do you believe? Start chipping away at the persona that others want you to have. Sometimes people would love to see you fail but instead of rising above it, you succumb and embody the very thing that will destroy you just to fit in. At some point you are going to have to take responsibility for how you treat yourself. Define clear boundaries and then move forward in the best version of yourself that you can be.

In the end, believe to be the best even when others around you don’t see it. One day, your actions, confidence and achievements will override their opinions.

Consistency and Motivation are the Keys to Success

According to, the word consistent means:  possessing firmness or coherence; marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity:  free from variation or contradiction; marked by agreement; showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom.

Good habits are formed through consistency or consistent behavior. We are taught certain things as children and are expected to live out those rules even into adulthood. These rules and habits build character. What we believe builds character. What and who we surround ourselves with shapes our character. As we grow older, we are responsible for who we choose to become. We should always strive towards becoming a better version of the goal we set out to reach.

There is something I want with all my heart. I’ve made excuses as to why I couldn’t do certain things that would get me to that goal. Some excuses were reasonable and some were just plain silly. But recently, I had to slow down and take responsibility for what I was feeding my spirit. You are what you feed yourself. Whether it is internalizing what others may say or feel about you until they become your own thoughts, or they were your thoughts to begin with but unhealthy ones. In order for anything to get done in this world we must be willing to take risks and believe in ourselves. Nothing gets done overnight, but consistent progress (just like the tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare story) is what will see us to the finish line.

The reason some of us give up is because we expect change in an instant. We are not willing to put in the effort or the time or the sacrifice to get there. We are more focused on the finish line than learning along the way, enjoying the journey and appreciating every day and moment spent doing that particular thing. Along the way, we will learn what is or isn’t proper and will have to tweak accordingly. Imagine getting all you want overnight. I’m quite sure none of us would appreciate what we had and we would be more than likely to continue the same mistakes that got us to where we are in the first place.

The Bible warns us constantly not to worry over things. Worrying truly gets us nowhere. It keeps us focused on the past. It limits our vision and chokes our passion. 90% of everything we strive for comes from motivation. The other 10% is the work. On the days we don’t feel like getting up, it’s motivation and a sense of duty that drives us to keep going. Don’t kill that innate sense of duty to get things done. The more you feed it (consistency) the more it will save you when there are days you would prefer to relax and waste your day watching TV.

In everything we do, we must be consistent. Be your own biggest cheerleader. Find the motivation to set forth towards reaching all your goals this year. Don’t wait until New Year’s 2017 to start, start now. Promise yourself that you will celebrate every accomplishment, learn from every mistake, keep pushing and in the end share all you know. We don’t become great people to keep it to ourselves, but to motivate others as well.


Sometimes it must all crash down before you can move on. Just like Paul and Barnabas and their fight before their seperation, we too will go through seperations. Seperation from people, thoughts, beliefs, circumstances that have become outdated, clash or is simply toxic. God did not reprimand those two. There was no part in the bible where God said what had happened was incorrect. They had a fight too. Have you ever felt guilty for arguing with someone? Sometimes I ask myself why? We as human beings will disagree. We will fight and argue. But one thing you must ask yourself: am I and this person willing to come to an agreement? Are we willing to fight for each other. To understand one another? If not, seperate. No hard feelings, just go. When you’ve reached the end of the line, when you can no longer bear the stress of that tug-of-war just simply let go. There is nothing in the bible that condemns us if we decide to leave a very unhealthy relationship. You trust and serve God not man. God might call you to witness to many people but the dynamics of witnessing and a relationship are very different. If two people are not willing to put in the work, if there is always strife, always tears, always fear;.the bible says it is better to live in peace than to live in strife. It doesn’t make you a wonderful person by continously going back to someone who you will eventually fight with. Kindly say to yourself “This is it.” It is done. It isn’t hate or a sin to remove yourself from bad or toxic company. Don’t let guilt or fear keep you from surrounding yourself with people who will bring out the best in you.

You will know when there is love around you. Paul describes love for us: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13:4 (NIV) 

Just ask yourself: are my relationships reflecting the love that paul describes? Have I tried to communicate these things and were they reciprocated?

If not, you must evaluate if this relationship should be continued.